All Facts And Trivia About Rebecca Lamb Weiss

Rebecca Lamb Weiss is a YouTuber, singer, and actor. Her parents, Joni Lamb and Marcus Lamb were well-known Christian broadcasters. An actor, Rebecca, has appeared in films such as Joni Table Talk (2015) and The Panel (2012). Rebecca was a Daystar Singer in 2018.

Additionally, she has presented many Daystar Television shows, including Joni Table Talk, hosted by her mother, Joni Lamb, and Ministry Now. Rebecca likes spending time with family and friends in her leisure time.

Rebecca Weiss Age:

People often wonder, “How old is Rebecca Lamb Weiss?” The month of her birth was March 1992, and her place of birth was Dallas, Texas, the United States. Rebecca Lamb Weiss age is around about 30 years.

Rebecca Lamb Weiss Husband:

How many children does Rebecca Weiss have, and is she divorced? Her husband, Jonathan Weiss, is a devout Christian who is equally enthusiastic about ministry and business, and they have two children together. Her spouse works at a software business in Silicon Valley.

When Jonathan Weiss’ parents Myles and Katharine, came on Joni Lamb and Marcus Lamb’s “Marcus and Joni” program, Rebecca Lamb and Jonathan Weiss initially met. As it occurred, Jonathan happened to be at the interview as well.

On October 20 of last year, the pair announced their engagement to one another. Later that year, the pair wed. On September 4, 2019, they welcomed their first child, Asher Samuel Weiss.

Rebecca Lamb Parents and Family:

Inquiring minds want to know: Who are Rebecca Weiss’s parents? She is the daughter of Christian broadcasters Joni and Marcus Lamb, who founded Daystar. Besides her mother and father, she has two siblings: Rachel Lamb and Jonathan Lamb.

A member of the Lamb family has been an Executive Producer or a Television Host for the Daystar television network. “Marcus & Joni” and “The Green Room” were Daystar Tv shows presented by Jonathan Lamb and his spouse Suzy Lamb, respectively. Rebecca Lamb lost her father, Marcus, on November 30, 2021, due to difficulties with COVID-19.

Married Life & Kids :

Interesting Facts:


Rebecca Lamb is a well-known actress who has appeared in films such as A Certain Justice, Inspector Morse, and Coronation Street. Jonathan proposed to Rebecca’s father, Marcus, while on vacation in Israel. His folks, Myles and Katherine Weiss run a ministry dedicated to encouraging people to rediscover their religion via observant Jewish practices. The Daystar Television Network employs Jonathan as a liaison to Israel.



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