Beware of Telecom Scam Call from 02045996875 – Protect Yourself and Report

Did you get a call from the number 02045996875 recently? Be cautious, as our community has reported this UK-based landline as associated with a telecom scam. Here’s what you need to know:

Caller ID: Telecoms Scam

⚠️ Reports indicate that callers from this number may attempt to deceive you with offers like cheap phone upgrades or significant discounts on your phone bill. Exercise caution, as these offers might hide extra costs or serve as a tactic to steal your personal information. Always verify such offers with your phone company before providing any information.

User Reports:

– A user reported a scam attempt, pretending to be from 02, offering a 40% off deal.

– Another user identified the call as spam or telemarketing.

Caller Location:

Phone numbers that begin with 020 are linked to the London area. Our database records 113,588 active spam phone numbers in this area code, with 13,868,250 spam calls detected from landlines with the 020 area code.

How to Block Calls from 02045996875 :

If you wish to block calls from 02045996875 and protect against potential scams, consider using the Call Blocker app, which automatically identifies and blocks spam calls. The app has over 1 million downloads in the last year.


You can contribute to the community by reporting your experience or adding comments about calls from this number. Visit our website or app to share information and help others avoid unwanted calls.

Calling Cost:

When calling from your landline, the cost of calling 02045996875 can go up to 16p per minute, with potential additional fees. Mobile phone charges can range from 3p to 65p per minute, depending on your phone company and plan.

Stay Informed, Stay Safe:

Stay vigilant against potential scams, verify offers with your phone company, and share your experiences to help others in the community. Report nuisance calls to the Information Commissioner’s Office to contribute to the fight against illegal practices.

Remember, knowledge is key to staying protected in the digital age.



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