Building Your Dental Practice Business – How You Can Give Clients More

No matter how long you have been running your dental practice, there is always going to be room for improvement. Giving clients more and improving the experience for them will help you build a sustainable practice. Understanding your clients and giving them what they need and want is crucial, but how can you make this happen? How can you understand them and accommodate them?

Listen to Clients – Be Attentive:

Are you listening to your clients, and are you taking on board the feedback that they are giving you? As a practice owner, you need to be attentive. Pick up on signals and signs that clients are giving you. Seek feedback if you can during the visit (or after the visit) and establish what client expectations are. When you know where you need to improve, you can then start taking decisive action. When asking for feedback, always try and ask open-ended questions so that you do not simply end up with a lot of useless yes and no’s.

Use the Best Equipment and Tools:

If you want to give your clients the best treatment, you must ensure you use the very best equipment and tools. For instance, you will want to purchase TePe brushes and supplies so that you do not have to compromise on quality. Or you may wish to purchase a high-quality ultrasonic cleaner to ensure that you get outstanding results every time. If you are compromising on the equipment and tools that you purchase, then this will have an impact on how valued your clients feel.

Be Social and Friendly:

A lot of your clients are going to use social media. Some may be using it multiple times each day. Being on social media and having a friendly presence is important. It is vital for building trust and encouraging clients to connect with you. If you are friendly, responsive and willing to help, you will find that clients return with greater frequency. When you keep in regular contact with clients, they will feel valued, and they will feel they are more than a number.

Retain a Competitive Pricing/Fee Strategy:

Prices can feel like they will constantly be rising, whether it is the cost of your premises or it is the cost of running your dental practice. Even though costs are rising, you must ensure you do not always pass on these costs to your clients. Retain a competitive pricing strategy or fee strategy so that you can build trust. Clients will appreciate this, and once again, they will feel valued.

Offer More than Competitors – Win Over Clients:

You are going to have competitors who are always snapping at your heels and trying to snatch your clients. To respond to behavior from competitors, you need to offer as much as possible. Look at what they are giving (or not giving) their clients. See how you can improve on what they are offering and win their customers in the process. Identify where there are gaps for development. For instance, are competitors not engaging with their clients, or are they not offering fair prices/fees? Are they not introducing any new treatments or cosmetic dentistry procedures? You can grab the gaps they’re missing.




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