Car Rental Coupons – A Beginner’s Guide to Saving Big on Your Rental

The secret to saving big on your rental is shopping around. Use a site like AutoSlash, which monitors prices for you and will rebook if the price drops.

When searching, a company considers your memberships, including associations, credit card perks, and airline frequent flyer programs. It also looks at fuel, insurance, and location fees.

Look for bundled deals.

Using booking sites like Hotwire and AutoSlash can help you compare prices and find deals that may not be available elsewhere. These websites also alert you if the cost of your rental drops after you book, allowing you to modify your reservation or cancel it without paying any extra fees.

If you’re a member of a large membership club or have a significant credit card with a rewards program, consider using those perks when renting a car. While these discounts won’t save you a ton, they can add up.

If you’re planning a long-term rental, ask the company if they have a separate brand for business and leisure travelers. They often offer different rates that can save you a few dollars. Remember to explore potential discounts using Budget Car Rental coupons.

Take advantage of membership discounts.

Many credit card companies, discount clubs, and other membership organizations provide perks for members that can save you money on car rentals. Check your organization’s benefits page or search the internet for specific member discounts before booking your rental.

Another way to save is to book early. Some rental outfits have special deals for early birds; others might increase rates as the date approaches.

It’s also worth checking the membership perks of any airlines and hotel chains you use regularly, as they may offer car rental loyalty programs that include discounts. For example, a Car Rental offers the Emerald Club, a three-tiered program that allows customers to earn free rental days, waive second driver fees, and receive special member-only coupons and promotions.

Finally, take advantage of location-specific discounts, such as downtown versus airport locations, which can be significantly cheaper on average than airport rentals. And remember to avoid one-way fees, which can quickly add up if you’re traveling between cities in the same metropolitan area.

Check with your employer or organization.

There’s an adage that says, “If you don’t ask, you won’t get.” That saying holds for car rental discounts as well. Whether for an upgraded vehicle, a free day, or something else, you should always ask if any offers match your situation.

If you’re a member of an organization, many car rental companies offer special deals for those groups. Similarly, some credit cards provide members perks, including car rental discounts. For example, the Chase Sapphire Reserve and the Chase Sapphire Preferred both offer 3x points on travel (including car rentals) plus primary rental car coverage.

Remember to check your credit card account or membership clubs before booking. Some codes expire, so be sure to use them before they do. And, as always, double-check your credit card statement after your trip to ensure you weren’t charged an extra rate or a different car than the one you reserved. That information will save you time, hassle, and money if anything goes wrong with your car rental.

Stay flexible with your travel dates.

Adaptability with your trip schedule is advisable, as car rental rates are subject to change depending on demand and availability. For instance, renting a car for a single journey can save up to 40% compared to a round-trip ticket.

Booking your vehicle as early as possible is also a good idea. Many rental car companies give out early-bird specials to fill their cars, and prices will increase closer to your reservation date. You might even be forced to upgrade to a larger vehicle because the company won’t have smaller vehicles available.

Another tip to save money is to skip the add-ons offered by the rental car agents. These include GPS devices, satellite radio, and roadside assistance. Rental car companies make a lot of money on these add-ons, which are often unnecessary for your trip. Plus, you can usually find cheaper GPS options online and on your phone. You can also use a site like GasBuddy to scope out the local fuel prices before your rental. These savings can add up quickly.

Combine your coupon with other discounts or offers.

Car rental coupons can be beneficial when used wisely. You can often slash costs by booking through the right portals, timing your rental, and combining offers with membership discounts.

For instance, USAA members can save up to 25% on rentals. Additionally, the organization’s members can get one-way fees waived and earn points on their rentals. Combined with the company’s rates, this can add significant savings for active military personnel and their families.

Membership clubs also offer members discounted prices on certain brands of rental cars. And, if you use it to search for your next vehicle, you can save even more by making reservations directly through the company and bypassing third-party websites.

However, if you reserve through the company website, note that it will only accept changes to your reservation that don’t impact the total number of days, the car type, or the options you choose (like GPS and protections). Other companies allow customers to rent unique vehicles not typically offered at traditional agencies, including electric cars.


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