Lamora Williams’s Story: Why Did She Kill Her Two Sons?

Atlanta resident Lamora Williams, then 24 years old, phoned Jameel Penn in October 2017 to break the news that his two boys had been murdered. Jameel compared the terrifying video chat to a classic horror film. This was a Friday the 13th. The moment I saw my child and the way I saw my child, I realized what was happening.

First responders discovered KeYante Penn as well as Ja’Karter Williams with their heads inside a stove. Williams is accused of putting the kids in the oven as well as turning it on high. The medical examiner could not rule out the possibility that the boys had been slain before being baked.

Georgia Story Of Lamora Williams – Lamora Williams Children’s Autopsy:

Atlanta native Lamora shot to fame in the fall of 2017. What caused her to be spoken about so much? She killed her baby’s in a very gruesome manner. Stay with the post as we delve further into the details of the double homicide.

  • Williams’ loved ones say she’s always been a little unstable but that the father’s abandonment and possibly postpartum depression only made things worse.
  • Williams’ sister, Tabitha Hollingsworth, had indicated that her sister’s behavioral and psychological problems, including a suicide attempt, started when her father was young.
  • Brenda, Lamora’s mom, said she had to take her out of public school and teach her at home since she slowly learned there.

When she was just 18, she gave birth to her first child, a girl. His daughter’s father’s family helped her out. After their relationship fizzled out, she settled down with Jameel Penn Sr., with whom she had three kids. Although Jameel Penn Sr. had abandoned William and their childs in 2017, when her father was 24 years old, he still helped her financially and with the kids.

On the evening of October 13, When her father called his close friend Neesa Smith and sounded distressed. He told Smith she could not continue doing it when he asked what was wrong. Further, she informed Smith that her two youngest children, Ja’Karter, age 1, and Ke-Yaunte, age 2, had passed away. Smith urged Williams to call the police.

In the next clip, lady’s Father calls Jameel Penn, the children’s father, rather than the police. Penn saw his boys on the floor as her Father moved the camera around the flat. Soon after, he made a hasty call to emergency services. Williams, too, called the police at around 11:30.Her father stated she left her childs with their cousin (later changed to sister), and when she arrived home, she found the child’s dead, according to the 911 call.

  • She said that both kids were burnt and that “brains were discovered on the floor” after one got stuck under a “pulled over” oven.
  • During the same 911 call, Williams voiced her fear of being arrested and urged the operator to comfort her.
  • The prosecution believes Williams tried to cover up the murders of her two youngest children by setting fire to their bodies. To the charges against him, Williams has entered a not-guilty plea.

Williams’ sister raised concerns following the incident, saying that Williams should be on constant watch at the prison. Williams’ mother believes her daughter is accountable for her actions but also recognizes that Williams has problems. It has been very difficult for her, and she has hinted that she may require assistance coping with the loss of her “two youngest grandsons owing to her daughter’s behavior.”

This terrible event happened on October 13, 2017. The mother murdered her two children with their father, Jameel Penn. EMTs informed us that they discovered KeYante Penn and Ja Carter, her father having their heads inside a stove. To hear such a shocking report seemed unbelievable.

Even if the children had been dead before they were put in the oven, pathologists would not have been able to know. The autopsy results, however, acquitted the previously suspected cause of the child’s death. How a mother could treat her children like that was unbelievable. The neighbors complained that her flat had a “deathly odor.” This suggests the child’s remains may have been in that spot for many days.

She first reached out to her best friend, Neesa Smith, before dialing 911. In telling Smith what she had done to her boys, She revealed that her two youngest children were already deceased. Neesa, her companion, suggested she contact the police and urged her to come clean.

She repeatedly reassured the 911 operator that she had no idea who was responsible for the deaths of her children and that she did not want to be arrested. Upon her return from work, she found her children dead, she said. Since she had left her children in her cousin’s care, she was angry with her cousin. Her relative has now passed away, leaving only my eldest son and myself.

She first said that her cousin was responsible for the murder but then changed her story to implicate her sister, who she claimed was watching her children. The sibling she has is a serial killer. Her contradictory explanations eventually led investigators to conclude that she was solely responsible for her child’s death. I saw my kids dead in the oven, and she said to the 911 operator when she revealed her location.

Why Did Lamora Williams Murder Her Two Sons?

The mother of Lamora, Brenda Williams, gained notoriety due to her daughter’s mental illness. The mental ailment Lamora suffered from slowed her down. She also indicated that her kid was not performing well in school, so she had to take her out of school as well as offer her homeschooling. At eighteen, He became a mother to a little girl.

The daughter’s paternal grandparents helped raise her. Jameel Penn became Her boyfriend after that. With Jameel Penn, she went on to have three children. Things seemed to be going well, but in 2017, Jameel stopped the relationship. But according to the reports, Jameel Penn and his family financially helped her to raise the kids.

Brenda had a suspicion that something really bad was about to occur. Brenda failed to get custody of the children when their father moved out of Lamora. She has informed the Department of Family instead of Children’s Services that Lamora cannot care for her children due to her mental illness.

Her sister, Tabitha Hollingworth, was also aware of her illness and agreed with their mother’s worries about the effects on children. Tabitha said she saw their sister abandoning the children at home. She also said that her sister Lamora had attempted her life by slitting her wrists.

Was Lamora Williams Imprisoned After Brutally Killing Her Two Sons?

This year (2018), Lamora was arrested on murder charges. The court, in this case, reportedly inquired with her relatives as to whether or not they believed she was the killer. Her loved ones suspected her of being the offender. Lamora was arrested and charged with murder, false reporting to 911, severe assault, as well as concealing a death. Jameel, her son, is three years old, and she was also accused of mistreating him. He was three years old at the time of his brothers’ deaths, and he was at home with his mother.

The pathologist found no signs of blunt force injuries or fractured bones in the boys. Although the lads avoided serious burns, the electric oven did cause physical harm. Police believed Lamora used the electric stove to commit the crime. Her Father’s verdict is still up in the air. There has been no new information on her case, and she does not appear in a prisoner search conducted by the State of Georgia.

In light of her mental health, I doubt that she was judged able to stand trial. If I’m right, Lamora  should have been admitted to a hospital or psychiatric center to get help for her mental health issues. Local mortuaries stepped forward to assist with the funerals of the boys.

Jameel Penn, the children’s father, set up a GoFundMe campaign to collect donations for his family. After this, his responsibilities are reduced to taking care of the children. Lamora’s mental illness has rendered him unrecognizable to his brother.

Williams Killing Her Sons: 4 Things You Need To Know:

Lamora Video Called The Children’s Father, Discovering The Deaths.

Lamora’s video call to the kids’ father revealed the terrible situation. She showed him the children were dead through video chat. Penn, the father, seemed surprised to discover his boys lying on the floor. Once he saw his children, he immediately dialed 911.

Brenda Was Aware Of The Mental Health Of Her Daughter.

Brenda knew her daughter’s mental illness was severe. When they were little, she would constantly label her as mentally ill. Lamora was devastated by her father’s death since they were quite close. Brenda also said that her daughter has a habit of cutting the heads off of toys. Several times, she also tried to slit her wrists.

Lamora Intentionally Killed Her Children.

The investigation has determined that the killings occurred in Atlanta between midnight on October 12 but also 11 p.m. on October 13. It was obvious that she planned to kill her children. According to the allegations, she baked the heads of her children. Officers conducting the forensic investigation also reported that the children showed signs of burns.

Lamora Allegedly Phoned A Friend After The Murder.

She contacted the kids’ dad, then dialed her friend Neesa Smith. A report claims that she told her buddy about the predicament and asked for advice. A friend of hers advised that she contact the police for assistance. After consulting with Neesa, she decided to dial 911.


Authorities in Georgia say a mother killed her two young kids “by putting them in an oven and turning it on.” She afterward reportedly presented the crime scene to the father via video chat. According to online prison records, , 24, is now being detained in the Fulton County Jail after declining to appear in court on Monday. Several sources claim that she is detained without bail and that a court date has not yet been scheduled.

We could not contact a Fulton County Superior Court representative via PEOPLE’s requests for comment. I’ve told you all you need to know about Lamora and Williams. If you like reading this, we have many more exciting stories about where this came from.


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