Drew Fuller: A Journey from Runway to Reel


Andrew Alan “Drew” Fuller, born on May 19, 1980, stands as an American actor and former model, celebrated for his versatile contributions to the entertainment industry. Drew Starkey’s full name is Andrew Starkey. This article delves into his fascinating journey, encompassing his early life, modeling career, acting achievements, and his foray into diverse creative pursuits.

Biography of Drew fuller:

Name Andrew Alan “Drew” Fuller
Born May 19, 1980 
age 43 (As per 2023)
Place of Birth Atherton, California, U.S.
Occupation:  Actor, writer, model
Active years:   1999–present
Height 1.85 m
Siblings Hilary Fuller

Early Life and Modeling Stardom:

Andrew Alan Fuller entered the world in Atherton, California, and grew up in the scenic surroundings of Newport Beach. His early years were marked by the influence of a creative family, setting the stage for a future in the spotlight. With a younger sister, Hilary, by his side, Fuller’s journey unfolded.

Andrew Alan "Drew" Fuller

Fuller’s modeling career took flight after a family friend propelled him onto the cover of UCLA Magazine. Despite the early exposure, he opted to bide his time, entering the modeling realm at the age of sixteen. His entrée proved impactful as he swiftly ascended the ranks, becoming a sought-after model for esteemed brands like Prada, Club Med, and Tommy Hilfiger. Commercials featuring Fuller, including collaborations with J.Crew, Subway, Toyota, and Pepsi alongside Britney Spears, showcased his magnetic presence beyond the runway.

Venturing into Acting:

Transitioning seamlessly from modeling to acting, Fuller marked his presence with notable roles. His introduction to the music video scene, particularly in The Calling’s “Wherever You Will Go” and Jennifer Love Hewitt’s “BareNaked,” hinted at the depth of his talent.

Andrew Alan "Drew" Fuller

However, it was his portrayal of Chris Halliwell in the television series “Charmed” that truly catapulted Fuller into the limelight. As the second son of Piper (Holly Marie Combs) and Leo (Brian Krause), his character engaged audiences with time-traveling narratives to save his older brother Wyatt. This stint from seasons 5-8 solidified Fuller as a prominent figure in the entertainment landscape.

Diverse Filmography:

Fuller’s cinematic journey encompasses a diverse range of roles, showcasing his acting prowess. From the drama “The Ultimate Gift” (2007) to the independent feature film “The Kane Files: Life Of Trial,” where he earned the Best Actor award at the San Diego Film Festival in 2010, Fuller’s filmography reflects his commitment to varied and compelling storytelling.

Television Triumphs:

Television became another canvas for Fuller’s talent. His role as soldier Trevor LeBlanc in the Lifetime series “Army Wives” from 2007 to 2012 marked a significant chapter. Starting as a main role for six seasons, he later made a special guest appearance in the seventh season, further solidifying his television presence.

Drew Fuller is the part of Army wives cast. Beyond “Army Wives,” Fuller’s television journey continued with appearances in shows such as “NCIS: Los Angeles,” “Longmire,” and “The Rookie.” Each role showcased his versatility, oscillating between dramatic and comedic performances.

A Creative Penchant:

Fuller’s creative spirit extends beyond acting. His involvement in the pro-WGA strike video “Writer Boi” in 2007 and his contribution as a writer in the short film “Bowlerman Begins” (2010) underscore his willingness to explore diverse creative avenues.

Podcast Exploration:

Fuller embraced a new medium by becoming part of the podcast “House of Halliwell.” Here, he engages with audiences in a more intimate and conversational format, offering insights into his life and experiences. This podcast venture exemplifies his adaptability and commitment to staying connected with his audience.

Andrew Alan "Drew" Fuller

Drew Fuller: A Cinematic Journey

Voodoo Academy (2000): Fuller made his film debut in this direct-to-video release, portraying the character Paul St. Clair.

The Ultimate Gift (2006): In this drama released on March 9, 2007, Fuller took on the role of Jason Stevens, showcasing his versatility in a compelling narrative.

The Kane Files: Life of Trial (2010): This independent feature film earned Fuller the Best Actor award at the San Diego Film Festival, highlighting his prowess as Scott Kane.

Fatal Instinct (2014): Fuller played the character Danny Gates in this crime thriller.

The Night Before (2015): In this drama, Fuller portrayed the character Sean.

Love Finds You in Charm (2015): Fuller took on the role of Andy in this romantic TV movie.

Beyond Brotherhood (2017): Fuller portrayed Dr. Chris Vianni in this drama.

Magnetic Plasma for Mass(es) Enlightenment (2018): In this short film, Fuller embodied the character Bodhi.

Patricia Sterling (2020): Fuller directed this short film, showcasing his skills beyond acting.

Holiday Twist (2023): Fuller appears as Bill Neilson in this recent addition to his filmography.

Partners (1999): Fuller’s television journey commenced with his role as Tom in this unsold TV pilot, also known as “My Sister, My Enemy.”

Charmed (2003–2006): Fuller gained widespread recognition for his role as Chris Halliwell, the second son of Piper and Leo, in this popular fantasy drama series. He held a main role in season 6 and guest roles in seasons 5, 7–8.

Army Wives (2007–2012): Fuller played soldier Trevor LeBlanc in this Lifetime series, securing a main role for six seasons and later making a special guest appearance in the seventh season.

NCIS: Los Angeles (2011): Fuller appeared in the episode “Honor” as Conner Maslin.

Perfect On Paper (2014): In this Hallmark TV film, Fuller played the character Coop.

Longmire (2015): Fuller made a guest appearance as Noah in the episode “Four Arrows.”

Dispatch (2016): Fuller took on the role of Tim in this TV film, also known as “911 Nightmare.”

A Bunch of Dicks (2017): Fuller appeared as Anders in this TV mini-series.

All Wrong (2018): Fuller portrayed Branderson in the episode “You Can Find Me at the Club.”

Love, Fall, and Order (2019): Fuller played Ben in this Hallmark TV film.

The Rookie (2023): Fuller appeared as Oliver in the episode “The Naked and The Dead.”

Internet and Music Video Appearances:

House of Halliwell (2022–present): Fuller explores the podcast realm, engaging with audiences in a more intimate and conversational format.

Music Videos: Fuller made notable appearances in music videos, including The Calling’s “Wherever You Will Go,” Jennifer Love Hewitt’s “BareNaked,” and Ringside’s “Tired of Being Sorry.”

Drew fuller movies and tv shows are given below:

Drew fuller movies:

Year Title Role
2000 Voodoo Academy Paul St. Clair
2001 One Cole
2001 Backflash 2: Angels Don’t Sleep Here Teenage Jesse
2002 Vampire Clan Rod Ferrell
2003 Close Call Sam
2005 Final Contract: Death on Delivery [de] David Glover
2006 The Ultimate Gift Jason Stevens
2007 Numbered With The Dead Tommy ‘Two Toes’ Garelli
2007 Blonde Ambition Billy
2008 Loaded Brendan
2010 The Kane Files: Life of Trial Scott Kane
2014 Fatal Instinct Danny Gates
2015 The Night Before Sean
2015 Love Finds You in Charm Andy
2017 Beyond Brotherhood Dr. Chris Vianni
2018 Magnetic Plasma for mass(es) Enlightenment Bodhi
2020 Patricia Sterling Director
2023 Holiday Twist Bill Neilson

Drew fuller Television Shows:

Year Title Role
1999 Partners Tom
2002 Home of the Brave Justin Briggs
2003 Black Sash Nick Reed
2003 The O.C. Norland
2003–2006 Charmed Chris Halliwell
2006 Huff Josh
2007–2012 Army Wives Trevor LeBlanc
2008 The Circuit Kid Walker
2011 NCIS: Los Angeles Conner Maslin
2014 Perfect On Paper Coop
2015 Longmire Noah
2016 Dispatch Tim
2017 A Bunch of Dicks Anders
2018 All Wrong Branderson
2019 Love, Fall, and Order Ben
2023 The Rookie Oliver

Music video appearances:

Year Artist Song
2001 The Calling “Wherever You Will Go”
2002 Jennifer Love Hewitt “BareNaked”
2005 Lindsay Lohan “Over”
2005 Ringside “Tired of Being Sorry”
2006 Sara Groves “Something Changed”
2006 Ed Goggin “Legacy”

Drew Fuller’s extensive filmography showcases his versatility and enduring presence in both film and television. From the mystical realms of “Charmed” to the heartfelt narratives of Hallmark movies, Fuller continues to captivate audiences with his diverse roles and creative endeavors.


Drew Fuller remains a dynamic force in the entertainment industry. His journey from a sought-after model to a seasoned actor reflects not only his talent but also his ability to navigate and excel in the ever-evolving landscape of show business. Whether gracing the runway, commanding the screen, or sharing insights through podcasts, Fuller’s multifaceted career solidifies his status as a prominent and enduring figure in the world of entertainment.



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