Essential Tips for Hosting the Perfect Garden Party

Garden parties are a popular pastime enjoyed by many people around the country. Whether you have a big garden or a small garden, it is not important as long as your party has heart and soul poured into it from start to finish. There is plenty you can achieve from a themed event to an intimate affair and there are hundreds of considerations from catering to entertainment. This guide is here to help with some essential handy tips for hosting the perfect garden party.

Give People Enough Time:

Your guests have lives much the same as you. They are bound to work, have other commitments booked in, and need some fair warning in advance of your garden party. If you are able to, sending out invites is the best way to help people book the time off and remember your event is happening in advance. Let people know a few months before and wait for RSVPs. Chase up people and try to send a reminder to the confirmed guests about a week before the party is due to kick off. That way, all bases are covered.

Plan the Menu Far in Advance:

What you choose to feed people will make or break your garden party. It is fairly common to cater to these types of smaller scale parties by yourself, but it still requires planning out. Buffet style food is always popular at garden parties, as are traditional afternoon tea products and BBQ style shenanigans as well. The longer you give yourself to buy the food and check all the dietary requirements of guests, the more you will be able to keep the day running smoothly.

Think About the Weather:

Of course, you can never actually plan for the weather. However, it’s still good to at least try. As a successful host, you have to make provisions for the weather going south. Whether it is umbrellas on standby or a completely covered area complete with flooring from temporary flooring specialists, it should be accounted for in some capacity.

Don’t Forget the Entertainment:

How are you going to entertain the masses? Is this garden party going to continue with a casual theme with no pressure to perform or will it be more event centric with a stage and live showmanship? There is a middle ground, of course, but it is your job to think about how your guests are going to spend their evening. It’s never enough to just invite people to stand around in the garden. Think about putting out some traditional garden games or setting up a karaoke area just for the fun of it!

Have a Plan B:

Don’t forget to have a plan B just in case the garden party runs into problems. Set up a room inside that could host people instead, or have a venue in mind to move onto that could host a bigger crowd.

Hosting the perfect garden party is only possible if you engage with what your guests will enjoy and practice your hosting skills along the way. Secure the best menu, and don’t cut costs when it comes to entertainment!



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