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How to Make Your Garden Area Look Incredible

If you are making over any part of your garden, you are going to want it to look fantastic as well as different from the look that you previously had. Of course, there are ways you can do this without having to rip everything out or completely bulldoze what you already had in place.

In fact, you may be surprised to know that you can entirely change the look of your garden by just focusing on certain areas, such as your entertaining area. These areas tend to draw the eye of any beholder and can cast a fresh view over your whole garden if completed correctly.

1. Getting the flooring right

Depending on what type of look you are going for will determine what flooring you will decide on. Of course, there is a wide choice of colors and textures of stone available to you, either as manmade slabs or natural materials. However, if you are wanting a more modern look, and one that you can also build your garden color scheme around, then you may want to consider some sort of decking.

Traditional wooden decking will require yearly maintenance to keep it looking great and keep it functional, whereas composite decking will look as good and require very little by way of maintenance other than the occasional wash down with soapy water made with standard washing-up liquid.

2. Matching accessories

You may feel that you would like a bit of privacy in your entertaining area, especially if it is located away from your house. Regardless of what type of flooring you decide to go for, the screen that you choose could make or break your design. For instance, you should make sure that the screen that you choose still lets in enough light for your entertaining space to feel welcoming and yet pleasing to the eye.

Maintenance, no doubt, should also come into your thoughts, and having these screens made from composite material will ensure that maintenance is kept to a minimum while they are attractive and robust.

3. Comfy, practical furniture

Dressing the area with furniture that is going to be practical for your desired use of the area goes without saying, but you will also have to ensure that it is pleasing to the eye as well as providing comfort. This is because whether you are sitting at a table eating alfresco or lounging by a fire pit with a glass of wine, you are going to want to be comfortable and for your guests to be comfortable too.

Uncomfortable seating will either not be used at all or not for long periods of time, which makes them redundant to their purpose, while tables too narrow to eat comfortably at may not as well be there.

4. Don’t forget the lighting

Lighting is also a very important part of an outdoor entertaining area, as it will help to set the mood. Overly bright lighting can remove any romance, or intimacy and can make an area unwelcoming to your intended guests while extremely inviting to flying insects such as moths or those of a biting variety.

Although you can run your external lighting off of your mains electricity supply, you can also opt for solar-powered lights. Fairy lights or flameless tea lights can provide a more subtle lighting option that can be placed in different areas depending on what you are wanting to use your entertaining area for.



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