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Space Saving Tricks for Modern Living

The way that we live has changed and, as such, we should expect that our working and living spaces should change in line with these lifestyle changes. The one constant, however, has been that we’re all looking for more space in our homes and offices. Here are a few simple tips and tricks that will serve to make your living space feel and look more spacious.

Changes to How We Live and Work:

The recent pandemic has shown us exactly what is possible in the way of work and why a work-life balance is so important. This has changed how we use and prioritize our living and home spaces. The spare room or guest room has become the home office and many a bedroom also has a standing desk in the corner.

This has meant that multipurpose furniture has become vital. There are some great examples of this at Furl sofa specialists that will go a long way to allowing you to use living spaces in a variety of ways to match the changes that your work life has brought to your home.

Use the Architecture as Storage:

Windowsills are a great example that can be used for additional storage, but you may have stairs or attic spaces as well. The best advice is to consider your storage at the home design stage or when doing any renovations, so you can include storage options with the bones of the property. Your living and spatial strategy should be planned in conjunction with your home storage needs.

Stackable Storage Makes Sense:

Going upwards and using vertical storage that is out of the way leaves the floor space visible and creates a feeling and sense of space. Either a great set of shelves, a bookcase, or stackable boxes of storage that can be out on top of each other in a corner would be beneficial.

Open-Plan Living:

If you can remove non-load-bearing walls, you will be able to create an open-plan living space that creates a huge amount of additional space. Open-plan living will, however, affect the amount of heating required for the larger space, but it will create multi-use rooms and spaces that are open and airy.

Additional Considerations:

Get rid of things, have a garage sale, or donate any gently used items to a charity or to those who need them. This will allow you to get organized so that the things you keep are the ones you need. It is the clutter that we hold onto that can affect the way that we live and the space that we have in our homes.

Keep in mind that a small space may look bigger with larger oversized furniture. So, when you buy furniture for a small tight space, look for pieces that might add the impression of size and change the feel of the room.

These are some of the easiest things to do to create a more spacious and enjoyable living space. Start with an analysis of how you and your family use the existing spaces and then make changes based on these use patterns.



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